From Airbnb’s initiation 10 years ago, there have been 300 million guest arrivals. Airbnb’s CEO,
Brian Chesky, believes that Airbnb should be for everyone. That is why he has created new
CATEGORIES and BENEFITS for hosts, guests, and potential hosts. If you are already a host, an
experienced guest, or someone who has never used Airbnb, this article is for you!!

Brian Chesky gave a talk recently on all the new features that Airbnb will be incorporating this
year. It’s an exciting time for him and for the future of vacation home rentals. Now, aren’t you
just a little bit curious to know what exciting new plans Brian has in store for you? Here is a
breakdown of what was he talked about:


If you are already a SUPERHOST or not quite there, make sure you check out the requirements
on your Airbnb app and look at all the perks you have to look forward to:

 Additional cash bonus for referring hosts
 Exclusive webinars to build your business
 Exclusive pricing on smart home devices (think NEST)
 More visibility & exposure
 More promotions (check out

Airbnb has gotten far in the past ten years, I sometimes think to myself, will hotels still be
around in the future? As an Airbnb host and guest myself for the past few years, I really do
believe this new industry will put hotels out of business!

Another aspect that Brian talked about were SUPERGUESTS. If Airbnb had their own
superheros, SUPERHOSTS and SUPERGUESTS would set the bar for hosts and guests
everywhere around the world!

SUPERGUEST is launching this summer (2018). Check out the perks below!
 Discounts
 Airport pickup
 Flight upgrade
 Access to gym (just to name a few)

We all love new features right? Well Brian just introduced NEW categories that gets all guests
super excited! I definitely don’t want to spend more time that I need to book a room for my next vacation and these categories just made the ‘pickings’ a whole lot easier! So now I present to you…..Vacation homes (ski or beach destination), Bed & breakfast, Boutique (professional, hospitality business), and finally Unique (tree houses, boat houses, yurts, teepees, etc)

Do we stop just at just categories? Of course not. Seven popular collections are also launching
this summer:
 Dinner party
 -Social stays
 -Wedding
 -Group getaway
 -Honeymoon
 -Accessible
 -One of a kind

How cool are those categories? I wish the honeymoon category was available when I booked
mine a little over a year ago! Nowadays, with our busy lives, we don’t have all this time to sit
and book a vacation. Personally, I don’t need to see 1,000 places when I want to book a
spontaneous getaway for my husband and I. Having the option of narrowing it down is great
considering how we don’t have extra time to spend scrolling and searching for places to stay!

These two new categories, I’m especially psyched about. Is your home considered an Airbnb
PLUS?? Check out the qualifications below:
 Beautiful homes (including full chef’s kitchen and other standards)
 Less than $250 a night
 Exceptional hosts
 Verified for quality using a 10-point expectations
 4.8 rating, 95% acceptance, 0 cancellations
 premium customer support

Are you graduating this year or planning a wedding or even abroad? Now, you are able to
search luxurious homes, villas, and castles. Yes, I just said castle  So grab a big group of
friends and family, and book your next luxury vacation!
 Luxury retreats
 Extraordinary homes (ex, villa in Italy)
 Trip of a lifetime

Well, there are a lot of exciting things in store for Airbnb this year and I’m sure a lot of you are
super thrilled about all these new categories and benefits. Now, if you’re not a host yet, what
are you waiting for? An incredible journey awaits you.


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